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Whether it’s unbalanced wheels or too long has passed between tyre rotations, it’s extremely important to have any tyre-related issue seen to by an expert tyre technician equipped with the latest tools, equipment and tyres from leading brands. By calling Dial-a-Tire’s mobile tyre service you can rest assured that we’ll see to the issue immediately. With our state-of-the-art mobile tyre-fitting equipment and team of highly-skilled automotive technicians, we’ll fit your car with brand new tyres on the spot.

Quality Tyres in Dubai

Dial-a-Tire, Dubai’s most dynamic tyre solution provider, delivers a complete 360-degree solution for all tyre-related needs, including replacing old tyres with new tyres from leading brands, performance enhancing wheel alignments, routine tyre rotations and nitrogen tyre filling, a great way to improve the way cars handle, steer and brake. The majority of our premium tyre services can be performed on the spot, so call us today to have a qualified Dial-a-Tire technician arrive at your chosen location at a time that’s convenient for you.




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