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Refund and Returns Policy


For the purposes of this Policy the following words shall have the following meanings:

“Contract” means the contract to purchase Goods by a Customer that is created when a Customer purchases and pays for Goods online from QPTT;

“Customer” means any purchaser of any Goods online from QPTT as described in this Policy;

“Goods” means any tyre(s) and/or battery(ies) purchased from QPTT;

“QPTT” means Quick Pit Tire Trading LLC (Trade License No: 708099);

“QPTT Parties” means any of QPTT’s registered associated or owned brands (including but not limited to ‘Dial-A-Tire’), and/or any group, associate, subsidiary or affiliate companies or other entities of QPTT;

“Warehouse” means any warehouse of QPTT and/or any QPTT Parties.

All Goods sold at www.dial-a-tire.ae are sold by or on behalf of QPTT.

The Customer shall be entitled to cancel the Contract, return the Goods and receive a refund (where the Goods have already been paid for) on the terms and conditions set out in this Policy provided that the Goods have not been used in any way, have not been mounted on a rim or have not been driven on, with the packaging materials still intact and are in the same condition in which they were received by the installer or Customer and provided that such cancellation is within the period of three (3) days from the date of purchase.

For cancellation of the Contract in the situation where the Goods have not left the Warehouse, there will be no deduction from the Customer. Where the Goods have already been dispatched from the Warehouse, the Customer shall be responsible for the costs of returning the Goods to the Warehouse or any other location as directed and decided by QPTT and shall fully and effectually indemnify QPTT and any QPTT Parties from and against all and any such costs, fees, expenses or charges that are incurred in relation to the return of the Goods. QPTT and any QPTT Parties reserve the right to charge the Customer for any direct costs, fees, expenses or charges associated with the return of the Goods

The Customer is advised to contact the QPTT Customer Service Center on 800-ETARAT (382728) for full confirmation of all costs and the procedure to follow for returning Goods before initiating any proposed return of the Goods, as costs may vary depending on tyre specification and location and it is the Customer’s obligation to avail themselves of all such information before commencing this process

Please note that all and any Goods purchased under any special and/or time limited offers or promotions of any nature, cannot be returned or exchanged and no refund is available and this Policy is therefore not applicable. Neither QPTT nor any QPTT Parties shall be liable or responsible to the Customer or any other third party due to the inability for such Goods purchased under any special and/or time limited offers or promotions not being eligible for return and/or refund.

Any refunds that are made will be done so only through the original mode of payment made by the Customer for the Goods and as designated by QPTT or as appropriate any of the QPTT Parties dealing with such matters.

Any refusal to refund or any ineligibility of the Customer or any Goods for a refund shall be a final and binding decision and no objection may be raised by the Customer and no claim or liability shall attach to either QPTT or any QPTT Parties.

In the event that any refund is agreed to and accepted by QPTT then upon such refund being effected through the original mode of payment as described above then this shall represent a conclusion to the matter and full and final settlement and the Customer upon receipt of any such refund releases entirely QPTT and all QPTT Parties from and against any further liability or obligation in respect of the Goods or any other matters and shall have no further claim against QPTT or any QPTT Parties.





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